Why I Don't Support Repost Accounts

Lingerie from Agent Provocateur Soireé and Bedroom Behavior.
So this article was retweeted onto my twitter timeline and it struck a chord, i'd suggest you read it as the more eloquent, sister post to this one. The subject of that article, and this blog post, is one that i've been battling with for a while. And whilst that article addresses a whole lot of great points about why repost accounts can harm the designers, photographers, models, MUAs, etc behind photos, it's not written from a bloggers perspective and that is ever increasingly becoming a narrative that needs to be shouted about as well ( i also can't speak from the perspective of other kinds of creatives so that article does a great job). I've shouted a lot about it on my twitter and my old personal instagram, and i've also debated on writing a guest post for a lingerie collective discussing it, but i think it's time i compact my thoughts on this issue and have it shouted loud and clear on my blog as to why i don't support repost accounts and why i kind of struggle to respect people who do.

Lingerie from Agent Provocateur
Repost accounts thrive from taking the best of others' hard work. They see a photo they like, and they do exactly as the name suggests and repost it to whatever social media they want to gain a following on. Often these accounts do amass a large following (larger than that of the creatives they're stealing from) because they get to cherry pick their content. They don't have to put any effort into creating it and they can find and post the best photos around, regularly. And there are multiple sides to my argument against supporting them. 
Often repost accounts believe that by crediting their original source, they have covered their backs. They haven't. International Copyright laws state that the copyright of an image belongs to the photographer unless the photographer has contractually agreed to relinquish copyright to a company they are employed by or to another individual. All it takes to violate copyright and thereby break international laws, it to repost a photograph without the explicit written permission of the copyright holder. Credit is not enough. Credit is never enough. The copyright holder is entitled to have full control over the audience their work is presented to. And this is the same for all creative content, not just photos. As the article linked above states, especially in the lingerie world, having control over your audience is a seriously important thing and our images can easily be misconstrued or exploited. And yet these accounts thrive by taking images without permission. And that is ignoring the accounts that don't even credit their stolen images, or credit them to tumblr or pinterest. It is the responsibility of the repost account to not only find the original source of an image or writings, but to also seek permission before they repost. Time and time again i have requested my images be removed (not credited because i give zero fucks about "exposure") from repost accounts only to be met with rudeness back. It is not the responsibility of the creative to constantly scour the internet for violations to their copyright, it is the responsibility of those who want to repost their works, to ask first. It's not only rude, it's also illegal to not do so.
Lingerie from Underground Undies
We live in a world where a large following/audience/fan base/whatever you like to call it, can equate to money. Not just petty cash, but large sums of money. This means that there exist people who can make money off of the hard work of others. These repost accounts can put zero effort into creating content by stealing it from others, and yet could be paid for that. So often do i see instagram accounts with a "lingerie shop coming soon. Enjoy the inspiration" in their bio. These accounts are doing just that, using the work of others (often uncredited, almost always posted without permission) to gain enough followers that they can successfully launch a business and make money. All types of social media can be monetised in some way and its sad that people continue to support accounts that solely exist because of the hard work of others.
And the really sad thing is, so many people believe that "exposure" to a high following is payment enough for their creative content. That no publicity is bad publicity. But there is a difference between a good audience and a bad one. You can have thousands of followers on your social media and only get hundreds of likes, you can also have hundreds of followers on social media and get hundreds of likes. Curating an audience that respect and understand what you do and why you do it, is more important than having your content exposed to a vast audience that won't. The benefits you get from "exposure" will always be far less than the benefits afforded to the repost account. Legally, your time is worth at least minimum wage. Your integrity is worth more. These accounts operate under the assumption that they can gain success without lifting a finger because you are driven by flattery but flattery isn't payment for your work and neither are a few extra followers (pro tip: you'll never gain the same amount of followers as the repost account so you'll never be able to monetise like they can. Most people follow those accounts out of laziness. They don't need to keep up with the original creatives when they can see it all in one place).

There are instances where i'm happy for my images to be reposted. But i expect to be asked beforehand. That's my legal right and it's polite too. You won't make a friend out of me by sharing my content without my consent. But i will allow brands to repost my photos, friends, collectives not accounts who just repost the works of others. It's important to remember that your time, your effort, your ideas, are worth more than credit on a repost. It's important to remain vigilant against repost accounts that don't ask permission, don't credit, act like it's not their responsibility to do these things and then ultimately act rude towards creatives who do ask to have their content removed.  No one should be able to succeed from your work without your consent, and you should always stop and ask what your motives and their motives are before giving that consent. Chances are they don't want to appreciate your work, or help you out, they just want to help themselves out. Most professional photographers charge to have their images reposted. They consider their time, effort and content to be worth money. These repost accounts have so little respect for the copyright holders, that they just consider all of that to be free. It's not. Please remember that.


Creepyyeha Uri

I'm a big fan of Creepyyeha both the company and the personality. I originally reviewed one of her garter designs way back in the early days of OLAL and more recently i reviewed the Ravish Me set, a staple part of my wardrobe. I've taken great pleasure in seeing her designs become ever increasingly daring and innovative over the years. Her choice to work with leather and chunky hardware is an inspired move and it sets her a cut above all the rest. It's almost guaranteed that her collections will be gloriously fresh and exciting, so it's no surprise that she tops my list of favourite lingerie brands. And that's even without considering her impeccable customer service. 
The second time i tried on my Uri bra, the hook in the back broke. For all three pieces, the major clasp is a sturdy, metal hook. However the weight in the front of my bra and the tension in the elastic strapping must've exceeded the tensile strength of the hook and alas, with a ping, half of the hook was across the room. Mortified, i immediately emailed Creepyyeha to notify her of what had happened and to ask if there was anything we could do to fix it. Less than an hour later, we'd already sorted out a solution and had a plan of action. I sent the bra back (Creepyyeha offered to reimburse me for shipping) and it arrived, all fixed and ready to wear (with the sweetest little note) less than two weeks later (which considering international shipping takes up to 2 weeks is ridiculously fast!) 
Something i took away from this was not only how lovely Creepyyeha was as a person behind the brand, but also her passion for her designs. In our original correspondence, she expressed thanks that i had made her aware of the fault, offered explanations as to why the hook maybe wasn't suitable for the design and quickly considered an alternative clasp. It's easy to forget that with lingerie designs that are so innovative and almost engineered, that sometimes there are minor flaws in designs that wouldn't be noticed without regular wear on different bodies to highlight them. Creepyyeha cares so much about her customers and the integrity of designs that she understands this and is more than happy to work with her customers to adjust the products to rectify any issues quickly. We live in a world of fast fashion, where it's easy to pick up discounted lingerie from an Agent Provocateur sale or from the highstreet and be several shades removed from the people constructing our garments. It's also so easy to forget that in our favourite indie brands, there's usually one (or very few) persons designing, sourcing, constructing and shipping every item, and that same person is also responsible for maintaining a storefront, social media presence, and customer relations. I see so many people berating the price or wait for Creepyyeha items, even those going as far as buying cheap copies of her designs, but at this point, after this experience, i feel this is wholly unjustifiable. The amount of work, love and passion she puts into her business (and the toll that must take on her personal life) is reflected in the price of each item. So i'm a big supporter who intends to put her money where her mouth is, but i'm also comfortable knowing that it may take me a while to save up to do that (especially now i'm sans job).

I'm going to discuss each item in the Uri set separately because boy, there's a lot of design to talk through.
(Also apologies for the slight out of focus nature of these images, beau is a fantastic novice photographer when it comes to framing and angles but autofocus and him do not get along. We're working on it and he really did a fabulous job in all other respects.)
The Uri bra with it's new modified clasp is damn sturdy. The front is made of 8 separate straps joined by buckles at a central gore. As with all these pieces, the Uri bra is made to the measurements you provide but there's also sliders on each of the 8 side straps and the 2 straps that make up the band. I like to have all the straps as tight as possible to keep everything in place (which may have been a contributing factor to breaking the original hook clasp). The hardware is huge and chunky so this is a heavy bra. I always find when i put it on for the first time, my nipples (in particular my piercings) generally don't want to play ball and it can feel a bit uncomfortable. But a bit of adjustment, i.e. pushing my nipples closer to the gore, keeps my tits in place and with no discomfort. Maybe not a bra to wear for extremely long periods of time due to the weight but i find i'm good to go for 6-ish hours. If i do feel concerned about any daily movement and the toll it could have on my nipples, this piece goes nicely over a bandeau for piercing safety, but it would also be really perfect as outerwear over a sheer top (something dreamed up by Vicky of The Lingeristas, she's one smart cookie).

I picked up the Uri belt for a 23-24 inch waist. Mine oscillates around 24" and it's a great fit. My waist is particularly fleshy so i always opt for a slightly smaller fit anyway. I've worn this as a belt with my tennis skirts a lot since it arrived and it's perfect. The back of the belt has elastic strapping attached to chunky metal rings and fastened by a large metal hook. There's adjustable sliders on the elastic as well, just in case you're like me and you wear your belts both next to skin and on top of layers of jumpers. 

The Uri Bottom Frame is a feat of engineering. With two big buckles at the front, smaller buckles making up the leg straps and a really cute cross design in the back (which i didn't get a photo of because i'm a terrible scatter brain but you can see on the product page) it's as complex as it is beautiful. There are 4 adjustable elastic straps in the back and the whole thing fastens with a hook. I have no worries about this hook standing the test of time as there's very little strain on it, it's really there just to give a little more space when taking the garment off and on. The leg straps also attach to o-rings with little clips and i've yet to figure out what else i can clip them to to make this the perfect, versatile layering piece. But i will, mark my words! Considering the amount of hardware on this piece, it's surprisingly light. I mean it's not feather light but it's comfortable and wearable and doesn't feel like you're wearing a whole bunch of metal on your hips. 

I think it's safe to say that i'm impressed with the construction and quality of these pieces. Everything has been well thought out, even down to the brand name being engraved on the metal tips of each buckle strap. The faux leather is soft and of high quality (no unpleasant, cheap looking vinyl finish here) and the nickel hardware is hardy and untarnished. Each strap has been placed in the exact right position, at the right angle and every strap that you would need to be adjustable in size, is just that. All the elastic used is satin finished and therefore doesn't chafe (watch out for cheap knock offs, bad elastic can cause lacerations to your skin).

Of course i have a private pinterest wishlist filled with the Creepyyeha designs i need to own in the future, and i have my eyes on a Sui set in white for whenever i next have an income (or a relative dies, or beau feels like parting with his hard earned cash). If there were ever a lingerie embodiment of my hopes and dreams then you can bet your bottom dollar it would look like the Creepyyeha storefront. So hopefully this review inspires more to save up for her designs AND remain vigilant in not supporting those who make money off of copies.


Changes to my Instagram Presence or Why i Rage Quitted and then Came Back

PicMonkey Collage
My Instagram has been heavily lingerie focused for a long time. I often post pieces that i don't post on my blog nor feel the need to review.
I've had my instagram for over 4 years. My Blackberry was stolen in a nightclub during freshers week in 2011 and consequently I was upgraded to an iphone. Ultimately my social media presence was upgraded too. I've never been shy about sharing my body online (I was posing in my underwear on my myspace in 2007 and thinking nothing of it) so i'm pretty sure one of my first posts was a lingerie selfie but this blog didn't pop into existence until the remnant days of 2012 and my instagram stayed relatively lingerie unfocused (that is, maybe one post in 4 was lingerie related) until early 2014. All of this is basically leading up to my statement that my instagram began as my own personal social media and ended, last week, still as my own personal social media. I never changed my persona nor, when i began gaining some sort of following, did i change my posting habits. I still maintained that social media is more about personal experience than self promotion and i backed that up by always being true to myself. And that included sharing my opinions and not putting on a front to appeal to the masses or gain fake friendships. My instagram was not only a place where i shared my love of lingerie, and promoted this blog, it was also a place where i shared my other photography and personal aspects of my life. 
PicMonkey Collage2
I don't take proper photographs with my DSLR often but it's always been reassuring that when i did, i had somewhere to share them. 
I've always prided myself on being capable of handling unpleasant/unwanted comments from people. I'm excellent in arguments and i'm about as self deprecating as a human being can get so the odd piece of hate that came my way was always met with amusement and eventually the block button. 
But there are comments that stay with you, comments that make you realise that no matter how personal you are, there still exist people who don't see you as a human being. People who think you only exist and post to please them. Like when a couple of friends decide to have a conversation dedicated to insulting you in the comments section on one of your photos and their response? "Your instagram is public and this implies that anyone can see your pictures and therefore anyone can comment whatever they like." Or when someone attacks you for sharing your current struggles with the reasoning that you shouldn't be sharing them, you should only spread positivity. It's tiring to deal with this kind of logic and i've always had the same answer; I don't force anyone to follow me, nor do i use their social media as a platform for my opinions on them or anything else so it's easy to be rid of me and my personality, so why attack me as a person? But it's the same sense of self entitlement that tells people it's okay to comment, "i preferred you in the other lingerie," or, "every single post of yours is drama," or to desperately try to bring up their bengal kitten on every post mourning the death of your bengal. It's just people who have stopped viewing you as a human being behind an account and instead believe that you should act, think and care in the way they would like you to, and by god the proportion of your followers who believe this and act this way increases exponentially with your follower count.
I'd have survived the endless negativity that would inevitably come my way both on my photos expressing an unpopular opinion and my photos with innocuous captions but as always, my fatigue and ultimate need to step away stemmed from another reason too. I'm outspoken, and i've championed a few causes that i've been passionate about. I'd often get people privately texting, messaging, IMing, commenting, etc in support of these opinions. People wanting to hold conversations on it, to share their like-minded opinions with me, but i was still the poster child. The one in the firing range because they'd never post publicly (beyond commenting on my photos) about their opinions on the subject. And i thoroughly understand why they don't want to post about it on their own accounts (they're the smart ones). But i'm tired of being the "voice of the community" and taking all the hits. The poster child for the difficult one, the opinionated one, the one in opposition to whatever. That's the legacy i've been left with and i'm comfortable with in that i chose my battles and i stand by them. However i'm done being the person who endures the personal attacks, the endless critique, the de-humanisation. I'm not picking anymore fights but as long as i still have a personal online presence, that legacy will stick.
PicMonkey Collage3
And then there's the very personal aspect of my instagram. I share my thoughts, feelings and experiences on there too. Credit to @obsequies for top left photo.
I'm breaking my own rules. Curating an online presence that is personal is hard work and demoralising. Right now i don't need to be demoralised any further, so my personal instagram will remain unmanned until further notice. But there's one thought that has been filling my stomach with acid ever since i announced my hiatus and that is the impact it will have on this blog. I've worked SO hard on this blog. I've poured money into the behind the scenes (camera, tripod, blog layout, etc all cost money) and i've never made any money back. It's a labour of love and it pains me to think that my main means of promotion, of sharing this blog with new readers, of reminding regular readers that it has been updated, is now gone. So i'm going to open an instagram solely for this blog, it will be completely blog related, no personal rubbish whatsoever (although i will still be vetting my audience to make sure i'm not being sexualised). Hopefully i can still connect with like-minded lingerie lovers who want advice, help, friendship, etc through the direct messaging and comments functions.
So announcing @lambsandlace 
(because someone has decided to register @oflambsandlace and not use it, which sucks. Hey if you're reading this, can i have my username?)


Recherche Clothing

recerche-15I regularly peruse through Etsy late at night to see if any new storefronts have opened that are designing and producing truly innovative designs. I'm sure i sound like a broken record when i drone on about how tired i am of twee lace bralettes and floral appliques. I want something with edge, something that gets stuck in my head for months and drives me mad with buyers lust.  That's exactly what Recherche Clothing did to me. I included this set in my 2014 christmas wishlist so you can imagine just how wild it was driving me for months. Eventually i caved and indulged myself although the original listings didn't include my size so i requested the set be made in custom measurements to fit my awkward body type. 
The set was made and shipped within two weeks and arrived pretty quickly considering the distance between my Northern English home and it's place of origin in San Francisco (for non US residents, particularly those in the UK, remember there will be a hefty customs fee you have to budget for. Mine came to about £20 on this set) . Unfortunately there had been a slight mishap and the set had been made in their standard size small measurements meaning it was too large for me. I notified Recherche of this and they were very apologetic, explained it had been a mishap and i sent the set back. It's always worth remembering that little companies and independent designers are usually one person, or a few people, enterprises and so occasionally things go wrong. As long as there's a genuine effort to rectify the issue, then it's not something to hold against them. Where there are humans, there is human error. Anyway a few weeks later and i had a brand new set made to my measurements arrive (today actually, i'm efficient with blog posts occasionally).

I took these photos with the original, oversized set, because i was impatient and also because i could bully my beau into helping me out (although ~someone~ accidentally set the ISO to 1000 so apologies for the grain on these). I've had so many people desperately asking where this set is from since i teased these images on my instagram a while ago, so instead of take the time to re-shoot, i'd rather post up a review quickly and let my words on the new, improved fit speak for themselves.
recerche-11recerche-10recerche-6So this, ladies and gentlemen, is the Sheer white lace bra and Sheer white lace underwear  adorned with religious symbols (just a little note, i'm not a religious person). The bra top features a simple opaque front with a cross design in the sheer lace panel at the back. The high waisted knickers are all sheer lace, with a praying hands design on the front and an upside down cross design on the back. Rather than connecting the fabric, both of these pieces are left open at the side and given a caged element with multiple straps holding the panels together. I'm a big fan of lace and a big fan of cutouts so this is a winner for me.
The polyester lace is quite starchy and rigid, so it keeps shape but without being abrasive against the skin. The opaque bra panel and the gusset on the knickers are made from soft jersey fabric, which has the breathable qualities of cotton so it's great for delicate areas like nipple piercings or genitals (it's also easy to handwash). The side straps are made from a super soft satin elastic which minimises the amount of compression on the softer areas of the body (like my hips). The edges of the pieces are all lined in the same satin elastic and finished with neat zigzag stitches.
Made to my measurements the bra fits snugly and comfortably around my bust, nicely compressing my nipples and rounding me out. Although as usual with the styles that suit very small busts, full busts may require a little more support and find the extra weight in the front of the bra puts some strain in the back lace panel. In the set that was too large for me, the back lace panel had a tendency to ride up which i was concerned was maybe just a consequence of the design, but made to a smaller back size and it all stays nicely in place! I was slightly over generous with my waist measurement (it's eternally fluctuating and i'm eternally like, am i just wishing it was smaller and so holding the tape measure too snug?) so the knickers now fit perfectly around my hips and arse, but are about 1.5 inches too big around my waist (my fault completely), but i'm pretty sure i can easily rectify this myself. I would say if you are slightly unsure of your waist measurements, because of how high this piece sits it's probably best to go with your lower estimate. Since the elastic stretches i find it's better to have the set a little bit smaller than too large and hanging loose.
I would say, from what i saw of it, the standard sizes offered in the listings (check the size chart in the images) do run true to size so if you find they work best for you, then you can buy them with confidence but i was given the impression that since each garment is made to order, custom measurements were no hassle at all.

There's a lot of lace lingerie in the world but i've never seen something as unique as the lace used for these pieces. I'm so into them for layering, outerwear and just lazing around my apartment watching Bob's Burgers. Part of my extended procrastination before taking the plunge and buying this set was deciding between the white set (pictured here of course) and the black (which is equally as amazing and i still really want). But i'm also lusting over this relatively new addition to their store so i'm definitely going to be keeping an eye on Recherche. Also they'd love for you to follow them on their instagram @Rechercheclothing.


Pamela Cooper Intimates

So blogging has afforded me a lot of experiences but none is as sweet as founding friendships with amazing, like-minded, talented people like Pamela Cooper. I'm lucky enough to call her a friend and even luckier to have been able to hang out with her (and shoot with her) whilst i was in NYC over summer. Pamela is a pretty sweet chick and she made my trip extra special. This Earth Angel set was one of the ones i got to try on whilst i was visiting and i immediately fell in love with it. I'm a huge fan of the Impressionist movement and growing up with the two big female role models in my life being artists, i'll always appreciate a good painting. So this piece, made in collaboration with artist Wiley Purkey, genuinely combined two of my greatest loves in life. It was really a no brainer to die of excitement when Pamela said it had been made in my measurements and was mine to keep. Unfortunately the photos from the shoot never surfaced (although this was my first time posing for someone other than myself so that could probably be a very good thing!) so you'll have to make do with my self portraits which may not do the set justice but hey, check out the product page for this design in all it's glory!

The Earth Angel set is made from printed cotton fabric (the clarity and colour of the print is stunning) and satin elastic. The bra top has three adjustable elastic straps, two around the back and one around the neck, and a waist harness detail. All of these straps adjust to make it easy to put the top on and then tighten up to provide a supported secure fit. I find this bra perfect for my bust as it rounds me out, gives a bit of lift and keeps me in place all day. I can comfortably and confidently wear this as a top (something i've been doing a lot of as late). However, those with larger busts will experience a significant amount of sideboob due to the cut of the bra and depending on your nipple placement, this might not be as full coverage for you as it is for my small bust. The construction is almost flawless, no messy seams and neat finishing however one minor niggle that doesn't really bother me, but i know some purists who it would, the tag on the knickers is sewn so that the seam can be seen from the front. Due to the nature of the design i'm sure it would be hard to place the tag anywhere else so either suck it up or get your seam unpickers ready. 
The Earth Angel set can be made specifically to your measurements so the fit is custom. If you're anything like me and you carry your mass somewhere specific (my hips don't lie) then i might suggest adding an inch to this measurement to get a slightly looser fit. As is the nature of elastic straps, sometimes a little bit of slack in them feels more flattering.
You can tell this set has been in regular rotation for me recently, since it looks a little lived in but i can attest that a gentle hand wash, followed by drying flat, is all it needs to look pristine again. 

I can't enthuse about the quality of Pamela's designs enough and this set in particular is being hailed as a triumph for design and innovation in my universe (my apologies to all those who have heard me wax lyrical about it). As someone who buys a lot of luxury lingerie, i'm still astounded by how affordable this set and others are for the quality. I have my eye on a few of Pamela's other designs (Ohhh Minavera) and i've got them all added to my christmas wishlist just in case someone who loves me, really loves me. I suggest you all get on that too.

*this set was gifted to me free of charge. My opinions are all my own. It's rare i'm this positive about anything (trust me, i'm called the one who is "always negative" by some other lingerie bloggers who i won't name)


Bedroom Behavior

bb-12Contrary to what the title may imply, this isn't an exposé of my bedroom behaviours (and yes it's going to kill me to write this with the US spelling a lot). I'm sure that's not terribly disappointing for anyone.
 Bedroom Behavior are a New York City based independent lingerie brand who create lingerie with very few degrees of freedom from sex. Their name invokes thoughts of sex, their tag lines are about being sexy, their photoshoots are sexy they even included a condom in my package (not sure if this is something they usually do or just because they know i'm a heterosexual female in a relationship, i hope it's the latter). I'm not an overtly sexual human being and i mostly aim to distance myself from any sexual stigma with my work in the lingerie blogging community but that's not to say lingerie should never be sexy. I'm just all about the consent factor of that perception. So whilst i'm usually on the other side of the fence about marketing an entire lingerie brand around sex, i do think there's more to Bedroom Behavior than they give themselves credit for with the first impressions they give out and i do like the other message they peddle that puts the power of being sexy and confident into the wearer's hands, and not into the viewer's (consent y'all). So i agreed to review some of their pieces and whilst i was in their neck of the woods, i did intend to meet with them to discuss the brand but unfortunately was unable to. So if i had been a good blogger, and not just a good holidayer, i would probably have a much better grasp of the manifesto of the brand. Whoops, sorry guys. Hopefully the lingerie speaks for itself and you can make your own opinions on the branding.
I was sent four items; the signature boyshort in grey & black, the signature boyshort in red & black, the Kiss me Pasties in gold and a pair of red heart pasties that aren't available in their online shop. They came all the way from NYC and arrived back here in the UK almost as quickly as i did! I love a brand that can work quickly and efficiently so you don't have to wait long for that sweet lingerie gratification!

I was sent both the boyshorts in a size small and whilst they fit and are comfortable, they're not snug so they have a tendency to bunch up (which makes them not particularly suitable for wearing with anything tight, something i found out when i wore skinny jeans to work). I have 32" hips and i feel i'd have definitely had a better fit if an extra-small version was available. On the plus side however, i usually find knickers with a central seam quite uncomfortable because of the guaranteed front wedgie so the larger size has negated this for me and maybe that's where i've been going wrong with boyshorts all these years?
The lace is soft and pretty sturdy so there's no chance of accidentally putting your finger through it unless you have unreasonable long nails like i do (ands even i haven't done that yet). I think all in all, these are pretty perfect for everyday wear (under loose clothing for me though) and i've actually been wearing them to bed. Which if you know how fussy i am about clothing in bed, then you'll know this guarantees they're comfortable for long periods of wear. They are hand wash only though, which is fine if you're accustomed to hand washing all your delicates but possibly not so suitable for people with access to a washing machine and less dedication to their everyday knickers.

I think the design of the knickers is really adorable, and my personal favourites are the red & black versions. I've always had a bit of a love for Harley Quinn ever since seeing her conception in the 1994 animated series (thank you older brother for starting me young) so anything with red and black panelling appeals to my aesthetic sensibilities. I'm also very down with the scalloped edges, they finish the pieces off nicely and contrast the very bold geometric vibe of the central seam. The black & grey boyshorts are marginally less cute in my books purely because i'm more of a black & white kind of girl but i can forgive all for this level of comfort. 
As for the pasties, I don't usually wear them because being a part of the very small bust brigade means i'm like 80% puffy nipple. Pasties either cover my entire breast or they stick out weirdly. I am a fan of red hearts though. They come with an adhesive backing already (but this only really lasts for one use so keep some fashion tape or spirit gum handy) and although they cover my entire boob, they're super cute and don't make my bust look conical because of the space at the centre for my nipples. I feel like a Junko Mizuno character in these. 
I haven't tried the lips and i think i'll probably just gift them to a friend with a larger bust purely because they're flat and so i know they'll stick out on me. 

I definitely think if you're after affordable, comfortable, not your everyday design, everyday knickers then Bedroom Behavior has you covered. They also have some amazing bodysuits (the black and white one makes my heart race) that i'm super eager to have if they ever release an XS option. Well worth checking them out and giving them a follow on twitter and instagram.

*These items were sent to me free of charge to review, all opinions and writings are my own.


Clementine Lingerie

I've recently been receiving a lot of hits from a reddit discussion about an article in which the author claims the strappy lingerie trend is on it's way out. Apparently my post on the Creepyyeha Ravish Me set epitomises this trend, hence the traffic. However the strappy lingerie trend will never die for me. I adore it and when i find good pieces, they become a staple part of my wardrobe, making appearances as outerwear just as frequently as they are as underwear. However i am mildly fatigued by the influx of the same, uninspired designs coming from both independent brands and from large companies, so i've only recently purchased a few pieces from independent designers (read: Creepyyeha and Hopeless who are both killer at innovative, unique designs and keeping this trend alive), choosing to stick with my faithful Agent Provocateur instead. Enter Clementine Lingerie.
 I've recently been ALL about contour graduates. Coming from an education in the academic sciences, i can only assume that art based degrees are all about originality and innovation (those Fleur of England bralette knock offs aren't going to impress anyone there) so it stands to reason that contour graduates are churning out the freshest designs in their final undergrad collections and hopefully in their own storefronts afterwards. So i was pretty thrilled to find Clementine Lingerie (not to be confused with a few other lingerie brands with the word Clementine in their name), a UK based, recent graduate making designs and shapes that were truly exciting to me. At the time of my purchase, only three other sales had been made and Clementine had only been open for a few months.
I quickly identified three pieces that were an immediate lust at first sight and set about contacting the designer about sizing. The listings stated that they came in very particular sizes but upon enquiring i found that she will happily make each piece according to your measurements so I gave the designer my underbust, waist and hip measurements for these pieces. Not only that but the time it took to make and dispatch three pieces was about a week, so exceptionally quick considering. The wait times for any store offering custom pieces will increase depending on the volume of orders the store has to process at that time but it's nice to know that Clementine Lingerie works quickly and efficiently on each piece.

The Cut Out Wired bra caught my attention as the lace reminded me of the Agent Provocateur Sandra but with a completely unique shape. The bra is a halterneck that doesn't unfasten, and so needs to be put over the head, and has three rows of hooks to fasten the band. The cups are constructed from two separate pieces of lace, one overlaying the other. The bulk of my breast mass sits in the bottom layer of lace that is slightly more taught and provides most of the support. Anyone with fuller or more top heavy breasts may find that some of their mass sits in the top layer of lace too and maybe might be more accustomed to a more supportive garment (although if you've tried on AP Annoushka, Cassia or Gloria and been okay with the support them you'll be fine with this! And yes, all my references do seem to come back to AP). If you're a sticker for symmetry then the point where the straps from the lower layer of lace, meet in the middle of the bust, might drive you mad as all that hardware in one place does tend to clash and look a bit off centre. As a wholly asymmetrical being, this does not concern me but i know a few people who it might. All the elastic used is satin and so there's absolutely no rubbing or chafing with prolonged wear, thank god. Did i ever tell you about the time i ended up with lesions on my neck from a harness that didn't use elastic with a satin finish? It was grizzly.
There are two minor niggles with the bra, that really don't matter much to me but may to others. One is that the hook and eye closure on the band is actually backwards. Conventionally the hooks lie on the right wing of the band, and the eyes on the left. On both my pieces from Clementine this was reversed and oh boy, am i not dextrous enough to be able to do that behind my back. It's certainly a little more challenging putting this bra on, but it might actually be beneficial to people who are left handed. The other niggle is the underwires on the cups run a little too high on the outside for me. I've had to do a little gentle bending to make it sit more comfortably but with repeated wear this will sort it's self out. It might just be a case of my bra size being too small for the size of underwire used, or that i have a particularly firm, protruding ribcage.  
As i'm becoming a stickler for matching sets, i had to get the Lace Cut Out knickers too since both used the same lace and had such interesting cut-out features. I also asked for the hardware to match on both pieces just to make doubly sure i could wear them as a set. All the straps are fully adjustable using sliders so there's very little chance that you'd ever have fit issues with either of these pieces. The top layer of lace, with a scalloped hem, used to shape the bra cups mirrors the lace design on the knickers that have this triangular panel on both the front and back so they are the perfect accompaniment for each other.
The construction on both pieces is almost flawless, with the odd piece of thread coming lose from me vigorously adjusting some straps, and the sheer amount of design that has gone into putting all the components together, and having them work harmoniously is so impressive from such a new designer.

The Harness Soft Cup Bodysuit was a complete, "I don't need this, nor should I be spending any more money, but I have to own it now I know it exists." But i wasn't 100% sure what to expect as the photos in the listing all show pieces with slightly different hardware. But i was pleasantly surprised and pretty pleased to see mine with GIANT silver hardware contrasting against the delicate paisley lace and the overall feminine shapes of the bodysuit. If there's one thing i love more than strappy lingerie, it's giant 'in your face' hardware. The top of the bodysuit comprises of a halterneck that doesn't unfasten, like the bra,  and two un-wired bra cups with a lace overlay. This overlay is sewn to the cups but hangs down freely over the top of the rib cage. The cups are slightly too large for me, but can be super easily rectified with a couple of basic stitches (in fact for the purposes of these photos, i had the small bit of excess fabric just tucked under the bottom of the cups. So definitely not a problem). 
The bottom of the bodysuit is shaped just like the knickers, with two triangular panels of lace held together with adjustable leg straps. There is no fastening at the gusset however, so for the purpose of bodily excretions, one would have to remove the halter strap, undo the bra strap, loosen the waist elastic and pull it down. So maybe not great for long periods of use but i can totally get why it would be hard to put in poppers or a fastening on such delicate lace (oh and both the knickers and the bodysuit are lined with a cotton gusset for vagina happiness, if you own a vagina that is).
As with the bra and knickers, all the straps are adjustable, even the one running down the middle of the torso, so a good fit for all torso shapes and sizes is almost guaranteed if you ask for it to be made to your measurements. I'm currently trying to lean up a bit so i'm very happy that these pieces are wearable through all my weight fluctuations. 

Unfortunately Clementine Lingerie is closed for 3 months as the designer is away so the timing of this review is poor (i swear, she went away before my lingerie had arrived, i'm not just sitting in my clubhouse feeling superior) but this blog needed a bit of love and it's rare nowadays that i'm so inspired by lingerie i feel the need to bash out a review post haste. If you're interested in Clementine Lingerie's designs, and want to own some yourself, then be sure to favourite her Etsy shop here and sign up for email notifications for when she gets back. I'm really hoping that she gets the support she needs from customers to continue designing and producing lingerie that i can then add to my collection.