The eLai "Back in Time" collection is truly one of the greatest lingerie collections of all time in my opinion. I was enamoured with the lookbook the moment it appeared on my radar but alas, i somehow never got around to purchasing a piece from it for myself. This collection embodies how fun and exciting lingerie can and damn well should be. So i was over the moon to receive a little eLai made gift from the moon of my life, my sun and my stars, Amélie in our biannual lingerie care package swap. I do go backwards and forwards on eLai, it's something Amélie and i agree on, as they have a couple of incredibly inspiring collections but no lack of pretty dull, un-innovative pieces too. So when they're good, they're beyond exceptional but when they're bad, it's hard to believe all the pieces come from the same designer. It's not an out and out negative, as everyone has different tastes in lingerie and many do prefer the simpler basics but i'm a sucker for new and exciting details.
Amélie had a bit of a nightmare when trying to order this and eventually had to go through a third party, I felt this should be mentioned in the spirit of giving a totally honest review. If anyone has purchased anything from eLai before, then please comment below and let us know what kind of experience it was overall for you. 
This peterpan collar playsuit in blue is now sold out, but it was the first piece that sold me on eLai as a brand, way back when this collection was first released. I'm a sucker for light blue for sporting reasons, with this being a shade or two shy of my team colours. And a broderie anglaise collar on it's own would have sealed the deal but the choice of sheer fabric and elastic strap detailing (connected by an o ring at the belly button, what a majorly pleasing design feature) goes above and beyond, "shut up and take my money." So yes, it is surprising i've shown so much restraint. 
Amélie picked out this playsuit in an XS for me, and as usual (with almost all XS knickers) it fits perfectly across my hips but there is apparently too much junk, in my trunk, and we get a nice bit of quadrabutt making an appearance. It's something i'm used to and i've learnt to love my quadrabutt. So whilst the XS is perfect for my hips (they measure approx 32"), the strap detailing around my mid torso and waist (which falls just over my lowest floating rib and is approx 24") is not ideal. Alas these straps are unadjustable, a "one size fits all," job but they are just too large for me and won't stay put. It's not the end of the world, the straps look just as cute when they're kinda pooling together and i could easily add a little stitch in the back to adjust them to fit properly. 
The collar is fully adjustable and damn cute, it's currently making appearances all across my summer wardrobe (where white babydoll style dresses reign supreme when i can bring myself to brace the heat). It's a nice little touch that makes this "playsuit" a playful piece of outerwear too.
One minor negative is that i, personally, prefer a cotton gusset as it's a breathable, hypoallergenic fabric that all in all is better for vaginal health. But since this isn't really an everyday piece of lingerie, i can survive without it. As far as the construction goes, i am very impressed, all the seams are finished neatly and there's no loose threads/wonky stitching.

 My love for eLai has been reinspired and i'm hoping to get my hands on the Anglaise set when i'm not sodding poor and hopefully before it sells out or is discontinued (although it might be a while as my current priority list is: rent, bills, Mimi Holliday, food, anime figures, train fare to visit my family and then eLai, in that order). But i'm interested to see if the bras are the smallest of small bust suitable so y'know, maybe family and food can wait...

As ever, if you'd like to purchase your own eLai you can do so from their official store here where you can find all their collections, including previews of their upcoming Constellation collection (which looks amazing and i am devastated to say i was offered first dibs with a decent discount but couldn't afford it at the time so hopefully will be living vicariously through other bloggers).

Edit: I was contacted by eLai who wanted to address that they were very sorry about Amélie's ordering experience and they wanted to clarify with this statement, "we always do our best to look after customers and have always had positive feedback for our customer service!" So it seems this was just a one off.


What Lamb's Wearing Wedesday

As you can see, my wardrobe doesn't get any more colourful come summer time. A folly of my youth was to cut deep plunging sides out of my favourite hand-me-down DFA1979 shirt. It now means that half the day i have at least one tit out and about, if not both. So it's a job for either something exceptionally architectural and exciting in itself, or something that covers my nipples and isn't too boring. I opted for the second option and went with this simple bralette that was gifted to me by Amélie. The leather cat head applique just about covers my nipples if i position it correctly. Since i don't own matching underwear for this bralette and i'm all about matching right now, i opted for these cheap eBay (although they're possibly originally from Primark) leopard print knickers that have high rise lace back to them. The, almost thong, lace back is a good match for these definitely inappropriate, booty shorts that don't cover half the arse. It would look pretty ridiculous if my knickers had fuller coverage than my shorts...
I usually throw a big plaid shirt on when i'm wearing these shorts, to cover my bum as we don't yet live in a world where males understand that wearing revealing clothes does not mean i am consenting to having my body sexualised. I wore this outfit to go for lunch and drinks with some Uni friends, it was comfortable and with the big shirt, modest enough for my activities and naturally it was well ventilated so i didn't feel overly hot (praying summer will end soon). 

What Lamb's Wearing

Oh boy it's been a while since i've done a What Lamb's Wearing Wednesday post and we've missed wednesday but i thought i'd bring this back for the summer months when i'm not wearing so much black on black, but i can't promise anything.

Okay i'm heavy on matching sets this week. If it ain't matching, i'm not happy. So this cheap Asian lingerie set was an easy choice. The plunge bra gives a decent shape underneath polo shirt material and the full bottom knickers are a necessity when wearing a pleated skirt in a windy city.
I wore this outfit to run errands and have a driving lesson. It was decidedly too hot for the current season but i don't *do* summer clothes. My underwear choice was a good 'un as it was comfortable enough for my activities, however, as with all bras that have a great deal of padding, i did have to keep pulling my tits up and adjusting them as they'd slip down and the cups would gape over time.
I've got a few more WLWW posts lined up (i'm having to panic photograph everything way in advance as my camera is due to be sent off to be fixed) but let me know how you feel about them. I remember i stopped producing these posts as they lacked popularity and i felt like no one really cared. So your opinions would be much appreciated.
If you'd like to browse through old WLWW posts then look to your right and you can find their page underneath the topic section in the sidebar.


Kawaii Asian Lingerie

Pictured above can be found here for £6.90 and here for £5.89.

Aliexpress.com is a total treasure trove of adorable lingerie at some scarily cheap prices. From what i've gathered, Aliexpress works like an asian ebay where, as opposed to individuals, factories sell their mass produced wares direct at wholesale prices. It's a completely legitimate website and you as the buyer are protected from any potential scams or fraud but i thought i'd put together a little guide to make sure you're getting the best out of the website with regards to purchasing lingerie.
Pictured above can be found here for £7.03 and here for £7.58.

First off lingerie is situated under the intimates tag in the "Apparel and Accessories" category and if you're looking for the sets like those pictured in this post then you need to ensure you've clicked on the "bra & brief sets" sub category however just browsing through the entire intimates section can yield some great knickers and bras on their own. As per all sales websites, there are options to change the currency and to customise your search to narrow down the results. I like to put in a price range then sort the results with price low to high and then have a good browse. Just a heads up, there is the option to search by size but i've found it completely useless and it's really best to just set aside an hour to really have a thorough look through all that's available.
Pictured above can be found here for £5.84 and here for £5.68.

My best advice to you is that once you've found a set you really like, shop around, there's a good chance there's another factory selling the same set at a cheaper price. To shop on Aliexpress you have to make an account but once you do you have a wishlist option which i've found to be very helpful in saving listings to so i can compare prices later and not clutter up my browser window with open tabs. Some of the sets pictured and linked here are not the cheapest price i found but i chose to go for the listings that had AA cup as an option.
Flat out, don't fall for paying more for an AA cup, or in fact any cup size. It appears to me that most of these bras are a B cup as standard and really it's only the band size that varies. However, those with A cups up to C cups in each band size (and all the sister sizes, yes) can fit into these bras. It just won't be a perfect fit. Seemingly in the vast majority of asian designed bras, there's a truly champion amount of padding so they're either going to be slightly too large and gape or give you one hell of a cleavage. 
Be aware of the shape of bra that suits your bust however, if you don't fill out balcony bras in western lingerie then you're still not going to fill them out in asian lingerie. The plunge styles personally work best for me and any real fit issues i've had with these bras has been the ones in styles that don't suit my shape. 
The knickers that come with each set are only in one size, i would place it around a UK 6/8, and i've yet to find a listing for a bra & brief set where the buyer is offered a choice in the size of the knickers. It's worth remembering that these factories design and create this lingerie with an asian market in mind and so not to get upset if you do find the knickers a poor fit. These are great prices even just for the bras!
If there are reviews for the items available then check these but don't take no reviews as a sign of a bad product or seller, sometimes the listings are new and you can check the sellers complete feedback on their page.
Pay attention to shipping prices, most shops offer free shipping but lots will list an item at an impossibly low price and then set a higher shipping price to try and make a profit.
Pictured above can be found here for £3.91 and here for £6.21.

Once you've made your purchase, there's a few things you need to know. Make sure you opened your Aliexpress account with an email address you check often and a password you will remember. You need to familiarise yourself with your account on the website and make sure you know where and what everything is. 
In order to protect the buyer Aliexpress has a few rules in place. The seller is only given a finite period of time to process and dispatch the order and if the item hasn't been marked as dispatched in this time then the order will fail and you will be fully refunded. You as the buyer can extend this processing time if you feel the seller needs a little bit longer, although it's always advisable to contact the seller and enquire first. 
An email will be sent to you, once your item has been marked as dispatched and the seller will provide you with a tracking number which can be found if you click on the "view detail" option on your order and with this you'll be able to tell when the item is in your country and also when it has supposedly arrived at your address. 
Once the item has been received you need to click the "confirm order received" option and follow through with the feedback process to complete the transaction. If for any reason you don't receive your item and all communications with the seller have failed, you are protected for up to 39 days after the item is dispatched and you can open a dispute and apply to get a full refund. Aliexpress has a very comprehensive and easy to understand help section which explains all of this in more detail, should you need it.

All in all, if you're precious about your money or you only want to own lingerie that fits like a glove, doesn't have a few loose threads or lace that won't sit flat, then Aliexpress lingerie isn't for you. For the price, what you're getting is phenomenal especially in quality but it's not perfect and you have to be prepared for the occasional dud that just doesn't fit at all. 
Personally i love these additions to my lingerie collection and i have plans to continue buying. These are just too cute and i cannot resist. 


Sacha Kimmes Lingerie

Just a little PSA: I'm no longer editing my nipples out of blog photos so if nipples offend or arouse you, get lost.
Do you gals follow me on twitter? Do you gals even exist (are you there readers? It's me, Lamb). Sometimes i get the distinct feeling i'm talking to myself and even i'm bored of what i have to say. Anyway, i digress, if you do follow me on twitter (or happen to have conceded to giving me your phone number without realising the extent of my neuroses, sorry Amélie) you'll have witnessed my very public break down with regards to receiving this lingerie.
Now i'm the first person to seethe that any adult who has pondered upon and chosen a favourite colour must be vapid and in need of an extra job to keep them busy. But colours that make you feel physically ill? Well i have one of them and it's un-surprisingly, the colour purple. The most offensive shade of purple, being lilac. Unfortunately my utter hatred for purple goes beyond being socially acceptable, as i've refused to associate with people once they've worn purple in my presence. Sometimes sacrifices must be made; it's me or the purple, choose wisely.
So imagine my surprise and disdain when my much anticipated parcel from Sacha Kimmes arrived, containing the only lilac set (and one of the very few non black sets) they do. There were crocodile tears and foot stamping and whines were heard across all social networks but i got over it. I'm a trooper, i put up with adversity and hard times so i can reap the benefits of cotton lace trim. Once i saw that trim, well i just couldn't bring myself to send the poor lingerie away. I reasoned i could learn to love it, in spite of it's revolting colour. No, no, don't claim me as a selfless God and erect a statue in my honour, i am but a humble human being.
And so begins the story of how i came to be in the loving possession of the Lilac Helena Set from Sacha Kimmes.
The Helena Bralette came to me in an XS, a pretty failsafe size and it fits. So no worries there. Something i'm huge on at the moment, is any non padded bras that don't make me look pointy. I've developed a big hate for being reminded that i am mostly nipple and my nipples may well be disproportionately large (when you take photos in lingerie you suddenly become hyper aware of all these tiny flaws that usually no one sits and stares at for like an hour at a time), so i like to avoid anything that makes me look like i'm wearing the world's smallest bullet bra. Luckily this bralette kind of flattens my bust into a nice rounded shape, which i am totally digging. The straps are fully adjustable and there's no fastening at the back, it's a bralette that you put on over your head, so keep that in mind just in case your shoulders are greatly larger than your underbust (although the polka dotted fabric has a great deal of stretch).
The matching Helena knickers arrived in an XS, a size i'd usually think long and hard about before ordering because i usually fall somewhere in between an XS and a S. Generally, i find it's nicer to have a little extra room than lose a cheek due to lack of circulation, but going by the size chart on the Sacha Kimmes website, XS seemed to fit my measurements. However, i wish i'd sized up. My arse is doing its very best to eat as much of this fabric as it can and i either have my arse crack peeking out of the top of the waistband or suffer with quadrabutt (it's a thing and it's not pretty). They're by no means uncomfortable, but they are unflattering in this size, alas my arse must be too large for XS because they fit my hips just fine. So maybe i won't roll them out next time i want to look my best in my skivvies (still working on it, but i am perpetually alone) but as an everyday pair of knickers, i am down with that. Another big plus is that the little bow embellishment and the overlap of the lace trim is perfectly central, i could probably take a tape measure to it and only find a minimal deviation and that to me shows that real care has been taken when constructing these.
Something i always like to do, when i'm reviewing a bralette and knicker set is put them to the ultimate test. I'm an irritable sleeper and for some reason i can't sleep fully nude but yet i can't wear anything more than a certain style of knicker, without being kept awake. So i wore these for a nights sleep and i actually got some sleep. It were as if i hadn't deviated from my usual bedtime attire. So even with the knickers being slightly too tight, they didn't keep me awake and i didn't feel the need to shimmy out of them at some obscene hour. This is a fact that should be taken as a true compliment, even the comfiest of pyjamas or babydolls usually end up traded in for a pair of cheap knickers at 4am when my discomfort has become too irritating to bare. 

I do love Sacha Kimmes lingerie, i want everything they make in black but i'm open to other colours too. Will i be adding more lilac into my lingerie collection? No. But i adore this set, It's cutesy without being sickly and it's different. A real pleasure to own. 
If you want to purchase some Sacha Kimmes lingerie or buy your own little slice of lilac heaven/hell then pop over to the official website

*These items were sent to me free of charge to review. All opinions are my own


I Can't Live Without You: A Social Experiment of Sorts

I posed the question, "What four pieces of lingerie can't you live without?" to women on my social media and this is what happened. 19 women, across 5 countries, spanning 17 years of age and 76 pieces of lingerie that mean something to someone. Compiling this has been completely fascinating and it's been a big eye opener to the kind of relationships that can be had with a lingerie collection.  

A big thank you to everyone who took part and gave up a small portion of their time to show off their collection!


Let's Talk About Agent Provocateur

In the history of this blog i have done only two reviews on Agent Provocateur and i wouldn't advise you to go and look them up. It's not that i don't love AP or that i don't own many pieces. My AP collection exceeds my Mimi Holliday collection in size, it contains my most beloved lingerie and is the collection i am the most proud of. If you ask me at any given time what my dream set is, it'll be from AP. But i'm partial to their AW collections and my dream set gets updated every year, i even have some of their AW13 campaign framed on my wall. However, i just don't particularly want to review any of my collection on oflambsandlace, why?
For anyone who is well versed in buying and owning AP, the construction does not justify the price. Does there exist a single AP set with a bow embellishment that isn't sewn on about 50,000 miles from the centre? And is there any way to comment positively about the fit continuity without it being a bold faced lie? The size availability is appalling and you take your life into your own hands if you consider buying anything with a lot of strap/harness detailing. You could wait 30 hours for your lingerie to arrive or you could wait 3 weeks, there's really no telling and sending it back? Well you could fit their size 1 in multiple sets but you won't fit it in all.

I own waspies that curl up at the edges, knickers that give me terrible quadrabutt, bras that don't fit and are up for sale, bras that i've had to take a pair of scissors to and remove parts, bras that need to be tailored, bikini bottoms that will never meet their companion top because it doesn't come anywhere near my size, bras that do come in my size but fit weirdly, bras that will never make it out of the bedroom, suspender belts that are slightly too big for my waist AND i've had to send back countless items because they were too big, too small and most importantly, constructed so poorly you'd have to have an exact body shape in an exact size to fit.
But then i also own bras that i wear 3 to 4 times a week and full sets that make me feel elated when i wear them. And so for some reason, i overlook any niggles (some of which aren't particularly minor) and i'm always excited about AP. 
Agent Provocateur is younger than i am and yet for a lot of us, it is the ultimate in luxury lingerie.  Well established luxury lingerie brands have been completely leap frogged by AP and somewhere along the line i've been peddled a lifestyle which i've totally bought in to, with no intentions of changing my mind. And c'mon, i know i'm not the only one. I knew about AP before i knew about any lingerie, when i was young enough to fantasise about being an adult with a sizeable collection and a man fancy enough to match (still working on both). My first major lingerie purchase was my AP Maschina set (and whilst it doesn't fit, i just can't part with it yet) and when i work extra hard in a month, i browse AP before any other lingerie to spend my disposable income on.
So here's my ode to AP; you have me hooked but this blog is no place for you. You're not a brand for the smallest busts, you're not a brand for reliability or quality and you're not a brand for a low budget (sale or no sale) but you are exciting, fun and you consistently put out unique designs that deliver a good feeling. Whilst this blog is a personal folly, i do try to keep it from becoming truly self indulgent. So if you're ever in need of a review of a set that you know i own, then it'd be best to get in touch. Because this will be my last blog post about AP (unless something ridiculous happens) but not my last tweet or instagram.

Let me know your relationship with Agent Provocateur in the comments. Love or Hate or both at the same time? A pipe dream, a beloved collection or too cliche?